Join Grab Your Wallet Alliance's Worker Advisory Council

When coronavirus first arrived in the U.S., Grab Your Wallet Alliance began hearing from thousands of people who were concerned they were unnecessarily being put at risk by their employers' questionable policies. Together, we worked to get several of these policies changed and to keep workers safe. Now we're forming a council made up entirely of workers to inform our ongoing advocacy efforts. Note: deadline for applications has been extended to September 30, 2020. (Scroll down for application form.)

Does It Pay and What's Involved?

If invited to join the Worker Advisory Council, you'll meet with Grab Your Wallet Alliance up to four times per year for 60 to 90 minutes. When you meet with us, you'll be compensated for your time. (We'll share rates with you when you apply.) The first meeting will be scheduled for October of 2020.


Grab Your Wallet Alliance will work with participants to make sure your schedule can be accommodated. Meetings may be used to discuss your workplace experiences, gather your feedback on ideas we're considering, and/or hear your opinion on various issues. In most cases, no advance preparation will be required. 

Who Should Apply?

Grab Your Wallet Alliance wants to consult with people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, especially those who don't typically do their work sitting at a desk! So, whether you do retail sales, farm work, factory work, prep cooking, professional cleaning, dish washing, hair styling, child care, health care or something else entirely, we want to hear from you. There are no educational or past work experience requirements to apply.


Since our goal is to explore some of the unfolding issues affecting the lives of people who do hourly work, lower wage work, non-salaried work, and those who work in non-corporate settings, we're most interested in getting applications from those who are currently working at least part time. However, If you're not currently employed and have relevant experience, we welcome your application too! People from traditionally marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. Note: applicants should be based in the U.S.

A Word About Confidentiality

In some cases, companies have been known to retaliate against employees who engage in worker advocacy efforts. To make sure we're effectively guarding against that possibility, Grab Your Wallet Alliance keeps all applicant and participant information strictly secure and confidential.

Application Form for the GYWA Worker Advisory Council

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